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Eva Solo – Eva Trio Dome Lid, 24cm


The dome lid is specially designed for using on pans or sauté pans with space for food which rises up above the sides. The shape of the lid ensures that the vapors gather at the top of the lid (on the inside), after which they drop back into the food, preserving juices and consistency.

Eva Solo – Eva Trio Draining Lids


Now it’s easy to drain the water from your pasta and potatoes. The stainless steel draining lid incorporates a sieve with a silicone cover.  When you tip the saucepan, the silicone cover automatically comes away from the lid, allowing the cooking water to drain out through the  sieve.

Eva Solo – Nordic Kitchen Lid for Sauté Pan, 24cm


The pots and pans in the series resemble solid cast iron and conduct and distribute heat extremely well.

The cookware boasts a PFOA-free PTFE four-layer non-stick Slip-Let® coating, which is easy to clean while requiring very little fat when cooking. Made from lightweight aluminium, all the items are easy to handle, so if you love the look of cast iron but are not a natural weight-lifter, the new Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen series of pots and pans is ideal.

The cookware can be used on all heat sources, including induction, and the items in the series which do not have wooden handles are dishwasher-safe.