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Eva Solo – Digital Kitchen Scale, Dusty Orange


The digital kitchen scale makes light work of weighing ingredients. Wherever the measuring bowl is placed on the scale, four individual measuring points ensure that it is easy to read the weight on the display. The weight is displayed for 30 seconds, after which the display automatically switches off. The on/off switch is controlled by a touch sensor.

Eva Solo – Foldable Kitchen Drying Rack


No more soggy tea towels or flooded kitchen worktops.

A practical washing-up rack for homes without a dishwasher or for washing up the odd item by hand. The drip tray collects any surplus water, which can easily be emptied into the sink. The washing-up rack holds tableware for up to four persons, and folds away neatly after use. Simply pull up the rod and lay flat.

Materials: Plastic and stainless steel.

Eva Solo – Garlic Press


Functional and easy to clean. Store garlic cloves in the hand-blown glass container which combined with the garlic press forms the shape of a head of garlic.

Eva Solo – Microwave Rice Cooker – Green Tool


No more burnt residues at the bottom of the pan with this practical rice cooker for all kinds of rice, quinoa, grains and wheat.

The microwave rice cooker even saves on the washing-up, as its simple design means you can take it directly to the dining table as a serving bowl.

  • Cook rice, quinoa etc. easily in the microwave
  • Nothing sticks
  • Practical handle for carrying the bowl directly to the table

Materials: Glass, Plastic
Design by: Tools®
Size: Diameter: 22 cm, Height: 10.5 cm

Serving suggestion (for 2): Put 150 ml rice, 250 ml water and 0.5 tsp salt into the rice cooker and cover with the lid. Place the rice cooker in the microwave and cook at 900 W for 3 min. (until the water boils) and then at 250 W for 8 min., then leave to rest for 2 min. The practical handle does not conduct heat, so no potholders needed.

Eva Solo – Nordic Kitchen Timer


Keep an eye on your cooking with this decorative and practical kitchen timer, which is designed with a non-slip rubber base to make sure that it always sits securely on the worktop. The figures are easy to read, and operation is simple. First turn the top round to 60 minutes and then back to the desired time. The timer is easy and quick to clean with a damp cloth.

Since wood is a living and organic material, natural variations may occur. Oil regularly to preserve the oak. If the wood feels rough with time, we recommend sanding down the dry surface using very fine sandpaper. Then oil the wood to protect it.

Eva Solo – Spinning Colander – Green Tool


Two-in-one salad spinner and colander – ingeniously simple.

Rinse the lettuce in the spinner, push down on the axle in the middle until all the water has been spun out. The water drains out through the holes in the bottom. It is also perfect for rinsing fruit, draining water from pasta etc.

  • All-in-one salad spinner and colander
  • Built-in spinner function
Materials: Recyclable plastic, Stainless steel
Design by: Tools®
Size: Diameter: 24 cm, Height: 17 cm