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Mono – Mono Zeug – Stainless Steel Flatware Set in Box, 4pc


Developed by Michael Schneider, Mono Zeug is one of the most original flatware designs of the present.

The shapes are inspired by the tools of prehistoric man. The knife was inspired by a hand axe, the fork by early spit tools, and the spoon is reminiscent of a scooping hand.

Mono Zeug is not only an anniversary flatware, but also a homage to Mettmann, Germany, the home of Mono, which also is where the Neanderthal man was found.

Set Includes:

  • Table Spoon
  • Table Fork
  • Table Knife
  • Tea Spoon

Made In: Germany
Material: 18/10 stainless steel, matte brushed
Dimensions: 5.61" - 9.33"

Dishwasher safe

Mono – Pott “Bonito” Children’s Flatware Set, 4pc


This adorable flatware is the perfect introduction to one of our most treasured cultural experiences. Children learn to dine with a fully functional flatware set, just like adults. They quickly learn not to slurp or dribble since the knife is sharp, the fork pierces, and the spoon is the appropriate size. When they're older, they can use the set as a butter knife, dessert fork, or spoon.

Set Includes:
  • Spoon
  • Fork
  • Knife
  • Small Spoon
Made In: Germany
Designer: Ralph Krämer
Material: Stainless steel 18/10, Matt brushed