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Mono – Multitop Cooking Lids, 22cm/26cm


Mono's award winning Multitop Cooking Lids are a wide range cooking revolution.

German Design Award, Frankfurt 2018
Solutions Award, Frankfurt 2018

Manufaktur-Produkt des Jahres, Bremen 2018
Focus Open Award, Stuttgart 2018

Due to its special curved shape Mono Multi-top lid fits many different pot sizes. The two versions (22cm and 26cm) cover the entire range of common pot diameters. The side handle and the lid‘s curved shape create a space that can be used in a variety of ways, for holding cooking utensils while cooking or for setting aside some chopped vegetables. Mono Multi-top also helps creating space when not in use by being stored either stacked or hung up. The silicone coating on the underside allows the pot to be opened seamlessly and with a soft touch. The handle and lid are made of stainless steel which makes Mono Multi-top dishwasher safe.